Dr Pet – 去毛球肉粒 Natural Hairball Plus Soft Chews 50粒



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🐱Dr. Pet 去毛球肉粒含有水溶性膳食纖維洋車前子,具有極高的保水性和澎潤性,能促進腸道蠕動,有效將貓貓體內的毛球排出體外,預防毛球在體內堆積。

🐱Dr. Pet 天然保健肉粒系列選用天然植物精華製造而成,以燕麥、米糠、米粉等低糖及低敏食材為主要的成份,可長期食用而不怕引致肥胖,保持健康體態。

🐱Dr. Pet 去毛球肉粒含有水溶性膳食纖維洋車前子,具有極高的保水性和澎潤性,能促進腸道蠕動,有效將貓貓體內的毛球排出體外,預防毛球在體內堆積。

🐱亞麻籽油及魚油則提供豐富 Omega 3 及 6,除了幫助修護皮毛之外,魚油更可增加嗜口性,健康而又美味。





🐱Made from natural botanical extracts, Dr. Pet’s Natural Care Pellets series uses low-sugar and low-sensitive ingredients such as oats, rice bran, and rice flour as the main ingredients for long-term consumption without fear of causing obesity and maintaining a healthy body.Dr. Pet hair ball contains water-soluble dietary fiber Psyllium has a high water retention and Peng Run nature, can promote intestinal peristalsis, the cat’s body effectively out of the hair ball, the prevention of hair ball in the Accumulation in the body.Flaxseed oil and fish oil, on the other hand, are rich in Omega 3 and 6. Besides helping to repair fur, fish oil can add more palatability, healthier and savory.

🐱Promote intestinal peristalsis, so that the body’s hair balls easily excreted

🐱Prevent accumulation of fur balls in the body

🐱Promote healthy skin and hair

🐱Eclectic, healthy and delicious

Ingredients 成分

每 2 粒含有:
水溶性膳食纖維洋車前子 (140mg)





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